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Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Norway

Customized Training

Svafas offers different training options for our customers, including;

Fittings & Small Bore Tubing Systems - Norwegian Oil & Gass Association, guideline 143.
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Tube Fitting Installation and Safety Seminars
Svafas train engineers and installers in the proper use and installation of the Swagelok tube fitting.

We know that correct tube fitting installation is essential for productive and safe system operation. Each year, Svafas associates train hundreds of customers in the leak-tight installation of the Swagelok tube fitting. Svafas can offer customized training to you and your company. Typical duration of these courses is 2-4 hours. Students receive hands-on training in the proper use, installation, and maintenance of Swagelok tube fittings. Participants will learn practices that will help minimize fluid system installation and maintenance costs.

The course topics include:
  • Tube and pipe installation
  • Proper tube fitting assembly
  • Proper installation of adapters, caps, plugs and other fittings
  • Proper tube bending techniques
  • Proper installation practices
  • Proper tubing preparation and handling

Valve seminars
Svafas is pleased to announce the availability of a new Valve Selection Seminar. This seminar features simulated animations to better demonstrate flow characteristics, materials of construction, and valve actuation.
Additional topics presented in the seminar include:
  • Valve functions
  • Selection criteria
  • System parameters
  • Construction
  • Actuation
  • Compliance
  • Safeguarding and maintenance
Target audiences may include but are not limited to engineering, plant safety, and maintenance personnel. Customers specifying valve products will also be interested in this presentation.

Swagelok University
Swagelok University is an interactive, online training source with more than 100 courses. Topics include general technical, scientific fundamentals, plant science, industry-specific content, and product information.

In addition, the program allows testing and tracking to help monitor learners’ progress. Experience Swagelok University today with a free 30-day trial subscription. Learn more here.