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Swagelok Norway

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Norway



You can purchase Swagelok products online by clicking on Products or Buy Swagelok in the main menu or here:


Learn More

Take a tour and learn more about logging in, building a cart, and many more features on the new  enhanced Swagelok e-commerce site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

Use the email address you originally registered your account with. You no longer need a username. If you do not have an account, click the Register button.

Can I upload a spreadsheet with part numbers and quantities?

Yes! You can upload your spreadsheet from the Quick Order feature or download the available template and enter in your information.

Can I share a cart with colleagues?

From your cart, click on the envelope icon in the right hand corner and email all items in your cart.

What if I have multiple sales and service center accounts?

With the new e-commerce site, you can easily add and manage sales and service centers with one account in the Account Dashboard.

I can't find a part number that I know exists. How do I add it to my cart?

Enter the part number and quantity into the Quick Order form and Add To Cart. The part number will come across to our Customer Service team for validation via quote submission.

Still have questions? contact swagelok norway


Our other e-business solutions include:

eDTR (Electronic Desktop Reference) Digital Catalog

Electronic part information loaded into customer business system.

Key benefits:

  • Product info readily available in customer business system.
  • Customer specific pricing - customer controls updates.
  • eClass and UNSPSC searchable.


Electronic catalog and shopping cart on the web, linked to customer business system.

Key benefits:

  • Product info readily available from customer business system.
  • Customer specific pricing - distributor controls updates.


Integration between customer and distributor business systems faciliated by industry standard transaction set.

Key benefits:

  • Purchasing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Integration to distributor business system.


Vendor managed inventory software.

Key benefits:

  • Reduction in distributor customer service effort.
  • Inventory accuracy for remote inventories.
  • Usage reports.
  • Integration to distributor business system.
  • Integration with customer business system available through a marketplace.

Please contact us by phone +47 51 53 81 81 for more informationor send an email to