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Swagelok Norway

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Regulator Basics


Regulator Basics

The aim of our Safety Training Seminars (STS) is to raise the knowledge level of anyone who handles our products. Experience shows that this leads to a significant reduction in the most common operating errors and fluid system leakage, thereby preventing downtime and accidents, and reducing the related costs.

STS Tube Fittings, STS Valves, and Regulator Basics cover topics such as leakage, tubing, tube connections, assembly procedures, advice on tube routing, tube bending, threads, valves, regulator basics, and Swagelok's article numbering system. Participants are very active during these courses as they are composed of both theory and practice.

Regulator Basics is delivered in two parts

  • Part 1: Understanding basic regulator functions, structure and the phenomena that affect a regulator's performance.
  • Part 2: An in-depth look at the properties of different regulators and how they can be used in different types of systems.

contact our training manager to book a course for your team  

Who Should Attend 
To achieve consistent quality management, all relevant personnel should be trained including but not limited to

  • Designers
  • Supervisors
  • Assemblers
  • Technicians
  • Operators
  • Purchasers

Course Goals
Participants will leave this course with an understanding of, among other things

  • Different types of regulators and their construction
  • Pressure reduction and back pressure regulators
  • Performance issues including lock-up, droop, hysteresis, choking, optimal flow, SPE
  • Phenomena such as creep, Joule-Thomson, CV, noise
  • System data 

Certificate upon completion. 

Part 1: 4 hours
Part 2: 4 hours

Maximum Class Size

Our locations in Porsgrunn or Stavanger, your location, or virtual.

Primarily Norwegian, but this course can be held in English upon request.

For further details on our courses and information on how we can customize training to your requirements please contact our training manager Emelie Pederson at +46 8 626 28 33.