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eDTR Electronic Catalog

eDTR Electronic Catalog

Our eDTR (Electronic Desktop Technical Reference) software can help you quickly and easily find Swagelok solutions for your applications. Within minutes of installation, you'll have access to hundreds of Swagelok catalogs, certifications, technical specifications and resources. See below for installation instructions

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Experience the benefits of the eDTR:

  • Complimentary - absolutely no additional cost
  • Contains all current product literature
  • Free content updates
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Ultra-fast searches by product type or keyword via the 'Search' function
  • Quick links to resources such as, CAD files, videos, etc.
  • Easy to install on any Windows based desktop or laptop computer

Get your eDTR - Computer download instructions:

  1. Download the folder
  2. Open the eDTR folder and double click Setup
  3. Follow the Setup Wizard, then register and activate your eDTR software
  4. For registration and activation assistance, view instructions

Get your eDTR - Flash drive instructions:

The eDTR software can also be installed from a flash drive. To request a Swagelok eDTR flash drive, please send an email with your name, company name and address to:

Need installation assistance? View instructions below or call +47 51 53 81 81. 
installation instructions